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            My account

            How Can I Create My Account on ShopRunBack?

            Registering on ShopRunBack is very easy. Log in with your Facebook account or directly create an account from our mobile app. In just a few clicks, join the ShopRunBack community.

            Don’t worry, we hate spam and keep your data safe: we only use your email address to send important information linked to your account, i.e. your return requests and confirmation, your invoices and payments, and follow-up on your parcels. Don’t forget to activate notifications on your smartphone to receive that information directly on your phone.


            All You Need to Know on Your Payment Information

            Which Payment Cards Are Supported by ShopRunBack?

            Currently, our app supports Visa and Mastercard. But remember, you can use several cards on one account: you’re free to decide based on your wishes and your needs.

            Why Is Payment Information Necessary and Why Must it be Verified in the App?

            It’s simple: it enables us to confirm your returns. Don’t worry: our app is completely safe and we take good care of your payment information.

            To return your articles, this information is required: therefore, if you haven’t verified your payment option upon registering, you can do it at the end of the process. That way, your return can be confirmed.

            Do You Want to Edit or Delete your Payment Card?

            To edit the information related to your payment card, simply select it and do the necessary edits. To delete it, swipe left and click “Delete”. ShopRunBack has thought of everything, and especially of you: we have made the app as simple as possible to provide you with the best experience.

            Are You Encountering Payment Failure?

            Contact your bank directly: maybe you have to request an authorisation for your ShopRunBack transaction. Then, you can make a new return request.


            Prices and Promo Codes

            How Do We Calculate Our Prices?

            The prices we show are based on your pick-up address and the recipient address of your merchant (which can be outside your pick-up country). Obviously, we also take your shipment option into account. ShopRunBack aims to full client transparency: if you have even the slightest doubt, please contact us. Remember that prices are first shown without taxes, then the corresponding VAT is added.

            Are You the Lucky Owner of a Promotional Code?

            Simply enter this code when confirming the payment for your return: the corresponding discount will automatically apply to the final amount. However, remember you can only use one promotional code per transaction.


            How Can I Return My Article? Insurance, number of articles, weight and size limit: find out all about it!

            Important note

            Please note that you must inform your e-merchant that you intend to return an article (be aware of your e-merchant’s return conditions and policies). If you haven’t done it in advance, your return could be refused upon delivery.

            What May I Return?

            With ShopRunBack, you can return anything you have bought from your favourite e-merchant: textile, fashion accessories, shoes, bags, sport articles, beauty products, delicatessen (no perishable products), interior decoration, electronic accessories… In a nutshell, you can return any purchase that you’re not satisfied with, with a weight limit of 5kg.

            Within this weight limit, you can return as many articles from the same order to the same recipient. For our services to be able to process your request, your shipment must be easy to carry and require no specific handling techniques.

            Please note that ShopRunBack will not pick-up any legally prohibited product, products weighing more than 5kg or any other product refused by our partner carriers. Do you have a doubt on whether or not you can ship your article? Contact us: or at (+33), we will reply as soon as possible.

            How Can You Prepare Your Return?

            Log into your ShopRunBack mobile app and enter all your information. Now that you have joined the ShopRunBack community, you can “Add a return”. It’s a piece of cake: identify the article, the e-merchant and confirm your address. You can now choose a pick-up option and plan it, then confirm your return. The entire process takes less than three minutes.

            What Happens Next?

            If you choose home pick-up, our RunningBack take care of it. They arrive to the address you have provided with all the equipment they need to guarantee your articles’ safety during transport. We will package and tag your articles for free and safely, to ensure a conform delivery to the recipient. It’s the perfect solution for all customers who are on a hurry but don’t want too much of a hassle: ShopRunBack takes care of everything!

            If you choose to drop your parcel off at a pick-up location, we recommend that you reuse the initial packaging for your order (or new packaging). Properly package your articles one by one and use thick scotch tape to seal your parcel and guarantee its safety during transport.

            How Many Articles Can You Return?

            It’s not just about packaging your articles, you’re probably asking yourself how many articles you can return with ShopRunBack. One? Two? Three? Actually, you can send as many as you want. However, please note that the maximum weight is 5kg per return pick-up shipment and per recipient.

            Thus, you can return several articles of one order received from one e-merchant. Collection and pick-up fees do not change according to the number of articles you wish to return. The only thing that changes is the price of the shipment to the e-merchant, according to their location and the selected return option.

            Don’t worry, all products returned with ShopRunBack have an insurance covering the total value of your shipment up to €1,000. Simply make sure your articles are easy to identify when taking a photo: only visible and identifiable articles can be claimed.

            How Can You Cancel a Return?

            If you wish to cancel a return which you have requested, please send us an email at or call us on (+33) we will be happy to help you.

            Return History and Notifications

            With ShopRunBack, you can enjoy real-time follow-up of your returns, until it is delivered to the recipient. With each step of your article’s return, you will receive a notification and the information will be updated in your history. You will love to see how quick and easy ShopRunBack is.

            We want to be completely transparent with our clients: that is why you will receive notifications on your smartphone for each individual step. It’s easy: you get real-time information on your return, from the moment when it is picked up to the final delivery step. Of course, you can view previous steps in the history section.

            Return Shipment Options

            At ShopRunBack, we like to give our clients various choices. That is why, for our returns, we offer several shipment options according to your shipment location (shipment address):

            • Pick-up: home pick-up by our great RunningBack;
            • Pick-up location or checkroom: drop your parcel off at a pick-up location. We recommend that you reuse the initial packaging of your order or a new package, and that you package articles one by one. Do not forget to seal your parcel with thick scotch tape to ensure your parcel’s safety during transport;
            • Mail: you can also send your parcel in the mail.

            Please note that certain return options will not be offered to you if your pick-up address is not compatible with those options. The delivery deadlines and prices vary according to the return option you choose.

            However, please note that carriers generally don’t consider weekends and bank holidays as transit days. This might have an influence on the delivery deadline.

            Who Are Our Carriers?

            ShopRunBack is working with the most reliable and competitive national and international carrier companies. We guarantee the best service quality and delivery to your e-merchant in 3 to 5 days (according to the return shipment option you choose and the location of your recipient). We value client satisfaction immensely.

            To Which Countries Can I Return My Articles?

            ShopRunBack offers return solutions worldwide: we guarantee the services provided to our clients and the processing of their returns. By choosing ShopRunBack to return one or more articles, you give yourself the possibility to follow the evolution of your returns in real time until they are finally delivered, thanks to our mobile app. Therefore, once our parcel has been picked up by our services, we hand it over to our national platform to ensure the return to your e-merchant.

            If they are a ShopRunBack partner, we check your articles and inform the partner e-merchant to initiate necessary action (exchange, refund…). Whether you have purchased your article from a national, European or global e-merchant, we handle the return of your parcel in minimal time and at minimal costs.

            What Is the Deadline to Return My Articles?

            Remember that each e-merchant gives you a 14-day minimum legal deadline to inform them of a return once you have received your order. You must inform the customer service by phone, email or regular mail: if you have doubts or questions, do not hesitate to check your e-merchants return policies and general terms and conditions of sale.

            Make sure to respect this deadline: if you don’t, your e-merchant can refuse your request, and we will be unable to return your article. When your pick-up has been confirmed, a new 14-day legal deadline initiates (return deadline); you must return your articles before this deadline. Remember to check your e-merchant’s general terms and conditions in their help/information section.


            What Does the Insurance Cover?

            It covers any properly packaged goods, except perishable products, mobile phones, digital tablets, audio and video players, computers and connected objects.

            Do You Want to Return Valuable Articles?

            We recommend that you pre-package them properly before it is picked up by our services. Mostly, do not forget to keep your original proof of purchase before shipping.

            If you have the slightest doubt about whether or not you can return your article, please send us an email at or call us on (+33) we will be happy to help you.