ShopRunBack is a revolution
in the e-commerce sphere:
enjoy an exceptionally quick
and easy return service.

With ShopRunBack, returning your articles in Europe and around the world has never been this easy: you’re going to love ordering, trying and returning products you’re not satisfied with.

Effectuer un retour

3 Clicks to Return Your Articles:
take a photo, plan, follow

With ShopRunBack, if you are not satisfied with an article, 3 clicks are enough to ship them back to your e-merchant.

Take a Photo
To confirm your return, start by identifying your articles: grab your smartphone and take a photo of each article you want to ship. Remember to take a decent photo: only identifiable articles are covered by free insurance. With ShopRunBack, there only is one limit: 5kg per shipment. Apart from that, you can send as many articles as you want for one order from one e-merchant, whether in Europe, in the US or in Asia.

Once you have photos of your articles, all you have to do is select your preferred return option: pick-up from home, pick-up locations... Your return is tailored to your lifestyle.

As soon as your parcel has been handed over to our service, you receive real-time information about your parcel's advancement through the ShopRunBack mobile app until it has been finally delivered.

Return Your Articles Wherever You Want,
Whenever You Want

ShopRunBack uses its expertise and talent to serve its clients.
Our goal is to make your life easier

Once you have taken a photo of your articles, you can plan the pick-up of your parcel from the address of your choice. Our RunningBack travel from town to town to pick up your articles in less than two hours. We package and tag your products.

Drop-Off Point
If you can't access our Pick-up solution or if you prefer to drop off your parcel at a partner pick-up location, it's possible! Remember to protect your articles properly before sending them, to ensure that our service can receive your parcel in the best possible conditions.

Because you want to be independent, you can file your return package in one of our partners lockers. Convenient and easy to use, just drop your package in one of these automatic lockers near you. Available 24/7, this is the ideal way to organize your return without constraints.

Follow Your Returns in Real Time,
in Europe and Worldwide

ShopRunBack provides free insurance on your articles’ values up to €5,000: return your articles stress-free.

To offer unique, exceptional service, we notify you with each step of your return. Thanks to our app, you can monitor your product’s return, from the moment when it is picked up until its final delivery.

We do our best to return your articles in 3 to 5 working days, however, according to your shipping address, this period may vary slightly. ShopRunBack is working with the most reliable and competitive national and international carrier companies. We are completely transparent with our customers: we offer the best price for your return, and much more.

ShopRunBack Takes Care of Everything

Once your parcel has been picked up by ShopRunBack, we take care of everything. We will package and tag your articles for free and safely, to ensure a conform delivery to the recipient.

We know that returning an article, whether inside your country or abroad, takes time and there is a risk that your parcel won’t reach its destination.

By choosing ShopRunBack, you give your return parcel to a professional team, and you make sure that you can follow your article in real time.

What if there’s a problem? All articles returned through ShopRunBack are covered by an insurance up to €5,000. By choosing ShopRunBack for your returns in France, in Europe and worldwide, you select a reliable, quick and convenient solution: what’s holding you back from placing your next order?

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