ShopRunBack offers retailers
a global, efficient and simple solution
to manage international online returns

ShopRunBack was launched in 2014: our startup based in Paris revolutionises return management for e-merchants. With its web app, its local addresses, its logistical checks and its network of partners and service providers worldwide, you finally have a chance to manage your CrossBorder returns easily. Are you ready to offer your customers a unique return experience?


ShopRunBack Revolutionises
International Online Returns

ShopRunBack specialises in international online return management. Nowadays, everybody likes shopping online. But returning unsatisfactory articles can be difficult, which is a major obstacle to purchases being made. This is even more frequent when the e-merchant and the prospective customer are in different countries.

ShopRunBack has expertise in Supply Chain management, e-commerce and web technologies. The company optimises customer experience and reverse logistic processes, which are important issues for merchants carrying out cross-border sales. Today, with ShopRunBack, you can monitor, pilot and analyse your returns in just 1 click.

ShopRunBack: the Safe Solution
for Your International Returns

Our goals are simple: we want to give you the possibility to view your return channels in real time, and guarantee service quality both for your customers and for the management of your returns. We support your international return processes and offer customisable solutions tailored to your customers and your market.

To make your customers’ returns easier, we have created local addresses in Europe and around the world. These partner logistic platforms enable optimal management of operations, from pick-up to relocalisation.

Therefore, we can offer extremely precise and qualitative support: we can offer a custom-fit solution and guarantee proper service to your customers requesting returns. According to your specifications, we implement local checks to manage all your operations to sort return and relocalisation channels towards your central platform.

Thanks to our service, you can monitor the checks carried out on each return in real time: you can take action instantaneously: exchange, credit note, refund.

We offer customised checks
for each product class and type:

Administrative check

We receive the return parcel from your customer and identify the order and/or return number (RMA). You can also enjoy parcel tracking and we collect the customer’s contact information.

Quantitative check

We open parcels to write down each product’s reference (EAN) as well as the quantity.

Qualitative check

It includes quantitative check, but we also check the appearance and packaging of the product, and write down the reason for the return and the customer’s wishes.

ShopRunBack: an International Solution


By choosing ShopRunBack for your international returns, you pick an easy and efficient solution, which gives your e-shop concrete added value.

We support you and manage the following things for you:

  • Customs operations for countries outside the European Union.
  • Integration of specialised domestic carriers and international carriers.
  • Return channel sorting, operational control and relocalisation to your central platform.
  • Real-time information collected on your customer returns.

Integrating the ShopRunBack Solution
to Your e-Shop Easily

  • Web application

  • Integration
    by API

  • Web portal
    for your brand

  • App mobile
    iOS and SDK

  • Custom integration
    (ERP, WMS, …)

By performing integration using API and SDK for mobile phones, you can add our solution to your e-shop easily.

We offer a specific web interface to pilot and analyse your returns in real time. You can also trace returns to your logistic platform.

We give you the possibility to view checks carried out on each returns, which enables you to instantly make the decision of exchanging, editing a credit note or a refund. You have access to many analytical tools to improve your customer service.

Our interface is available in several languages: ShopRunBack is THE global solution to simplify your online returns and offer your customers a truly innovative experience.

What are you waiting for?
Offer your customers an innovative return solution?

ShopRunBack is the perfect solution to offer your customers
a truly different return experience:

  • Manage your return logistics in 3 clicks: piloting, managing and analysing your returns has never been this easy.

  • Integrate API and SDK to easily add the app to your e-shop.

  • Offer attractive prices for both logistics and transport: Enjoy the best prices on the market and discounts based on work load.

  • Enjoy simplified customs management: we handle all customs operations.

  • A solution without any obligations: No minimum return load, no contract, no commitment for the duration of service.

  • Insured parcels: your customers' return parcels are insured for free up to €5,000.

ShopRunBack in Numbers

So far, we have managed over 500,000 customer returns using over 200 national and international carriers. We are active in over 20 countries worldwide and continue to develop every day. We are a responsive, dynamic and passionate startup. Do you want to find out more about our international online return solutions? Feel free to contact us.


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